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Temperature and Humidity Sensor Manufacturers in Chennai

Sansel Instruments, known to be top Humidity and Temperature Sensor Manufacturers. A humidity sensor is a device that is defined as the amount of water present in the surrounding air. This humidity sensor becomes an important factor in industry and medical environments. A rise in the value of humidity may lead the sensor to malfunction the control system. The humidity sensor consists of many other sensors such as a capacity sensor, thermal sensor, and relative sensor. These humidity sensors of measuring the humidity of air offer the low cost of electronic devices. The humidity sensor can be measured as relative humidity, absolute humidity, and specific humidity based on the measure of the sensor. Since the humidity sensor is the paramount device that is widely used in commercial, industrial, biomedical, and environmental applications to measure and monitor the humidity sensor device. This sensor is a pivotal device to succor the measurements of the environmental humidity. This device is technically used to measure the atmospheric presence of air called a Hygrometer. The humidity sensor can be classified based on the type of humidity device sensors such as Absolute Humidity or Relative Humidity and also classified based on the parameters to measure the humidity such as Capacity Humidity, Electrical Conductivity Humidity or Resistive Humidity, and Thermal Conductivity Humidity Sensors.

The Resistive Humidity Sensor measures the resistance and has the benefits of low cost, portable to use, highly interchangeable, and suitable for large-signal operations. The Thermal Conductivity Humidity Sensors are termed Absolute Humidity Sensors as they measure the Absolute Humidity. The advantages of using the thermal Humidity Sensor are high resolution, high temperature, high corrosive, and long durability. The presence of water also influences various physical, chemical, and biological processes in the device to have an accurate reading. Hence, the humidity sensor is very important in the control system in industrial appliances. Our Sansel Instrument Manufacturer provides a complete range of products to measure the humidity and they are used to detect and measure the accurate dew point by combining the temperature and their measurements. The Humidity Sensor follows some of the factors such as accuracy of the sensor, calibration, size of the sensor, cost of the sensor, cost of replacement, output repeatability, reliability, and resistance to contamination. The characteristics of the Humidity Sensor include Accuracy, Hysteresis, Interchangeability, Linearity, Reliability, Repeatability, Quick Response Time, Temperature Compensation, and High- Stability. The humidity sensor device is used in some of the areas to measure and to control the humidity such as Domestic, Industrial, Agriculture, Electronics and Semiconductor and in medical industries.

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