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TDS / Conductivity Sensor Manufacturers in Chennai

Sansel Instruments is one of the leading tds/conductivity sensor manufacturers in this modern electronic world. Our Conductivity Sensor device is an ideal choice for high-quality based microprocessors. Conductivity Sensor is nothing but they measure the specific conductance of the liquid processes. They are used in conjunction with conductivity transmitters to define the electrolytic conductivity in the liquid substances. TDS is also used in research institutes and industries. The digital conductivity sensor is highly portable and durable in great demand for our customer’s needs. The conductivity is directly related to the presence of ionic and their concentration. This sensor is used to monitor the water and soluble salts in the soil. They are extremely useful instruments for agriculture, soil analysis, textiles, etc. Our sansel manufacturer offers a full wide range of electrodes consisting of conductivity sensors for a variety of industrial measurement and their applications. Since conductivity is the general measurement of the dissolved acids, salts, and other liquid solutions. Electrical conductivity is commonly used to measure the concentrations with good indication and well-featured techniques.

Our digital conductivity sensors are more reliable and accurate in measuring the aqueous solutions. Our instruments are designed with well latest microprocessor technology and advanced technique to give the enhanced accuracy and reproductivity and are designed with a hygienic process. This conductivity sensor has many features in filling the gap between the conductivity and inductivity measuring tubes. This sensor often measures a wide range of possibilities to enable the connections and process the adapters with a large variety. The conductivity sensor delivers good quality with FDA approved materials. This sensor is an expression of the ability of a solution to conduct an electric current.

Some industries adopt their measurement and express them as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). TDS is approximated with conductivity using multiple factors. The conductivity sensor is used in various appliances such as to monitor reverse osmosis, to monitor environmental issues, to control the activated sludge process, and to affluent and monitor the industrial branches and is applied to the electrodes to generate the number of anions and cations in the conductivity. The higher the electrical conductivity and the current flow in the conductivity sensor instruments are “Siemens per meter”. Our sansel instruments manufacturer of conductivity sensors offer the best quality as per the customer satisfaction.

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