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TCAL 1501 / 1200

SANSEL Model TCAL 1501 series of Dry well Temperature calibrator range from - 30 to 1200 °C in four model (TCAL 1501 / -30, TCAL 1501 / 300, TCAL 1501 / 600 & TCAL 1501 / 1200) are high precision, better resolution, stability, fast in heating and cooling. More well dia and depth to calibrate more number of temperature sensor at a time with better uniformity.

These models can meet any calibration requirement in laboratories or in on site applications. This models are inbuilt measuring facility of the Thermocouples, RTD, Resistance, millivolt & milliamps to directly read the signals from most of the temperature sensors, indicator with sensor and Transmitter. Temperature range from 500 to 1200 °C with high resolution 0.1 °C up to 1200 °C. This model is mainly used in all industries, like metal moulding, glass, ceramic & calibration laboratories etc.,

These models are using 4.3” True colour TFT display with Touch screen, easy to read multi parameter at the same time like, Block temperature, set temperature, measure value, Real time clock with date & time, Control Output %, Stability time & status, Range of the equipment with necessary unit of measurement and three soft touch keys are used for measure configuration, settings, calibration etc.., It has one more advantage of help menu for operating instruction of the equipment via the same screen , Hence no need of Hard copy of Instruction manual.

SANSELSOFT Calibration software (optional)

Optional fully automatic Documentation calibration software “SANSELSOFT” is provided with TCAL 1501 / 1200 to calibrate different variety of UUC automatically from your PC or Laptop and generate the calibration report with exact results without your presence always near TCAL 1501 / 1200, will save your time to concentrate in various jobs.

SANSELSOFT designed for perform calibration on field instruments with the use of standards and software communication. This software designed in the way, user can easily perform calibration.

SANSELSOFT has powerful database support to maintain complete track records of each device calibration for long time.

SANSELSOFT supports communication interface standards RS 232 and provides facility to add new standard/DUC instrument library. SANSELSOFT can be adopted for various types of instruments like electronic, electrical, temperature, pressure and optical measurement devices.

SANSELSOFT increases Standard's Life-time by eliminating key operations and saves maintenance cost.

The SANSELSOFT calibration software having easy following steps makes your calibration easy , effective & time saver
  • 1. Create Tag of Device/Unit Under calibration(DUC/UUC) & Select Tag of Device/Unit Under calibration(DUC/UUC)(if already Tag created)
  • 2. Specify Calibration procedure
  • 3. Select Source Calibrator & Select Measurement Calibrator(if different measurement equipment available)
  • 4. Select Mode of calibration & Select Mode of measurement(if different measurement equipment available)
  • 5. Initialize Source / Measurement Calibrators
  • 6. Perform Calibration
  • 7. Specify Report number , Conclusion & Remarks
  • 8. Print / Export Report


  • 4.3 inch True TFT DISPLAY with touch screen
  • Range from Amb. to 1200°C
  • UUC measure option provided
  • Resolution 0.1°C
  • Axial + Radial Uniformity better than ± 2°C
  • Stability better than ± 0.5°C
  • Portable & Rugged
  • Stabilization time & status indication provided
  • Inter changeable insert to suit different diameter sensor - up to 39 mm
  • Optional PC Interface with automatic calibration software

Technical Specifications

Model TCAL 1501 / 1200
Temperature Range 500 to 1200°C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Stability Better than ± 0.5 °C
Axial + Radial Uniformity Better than ± 2 °C
Accuracy Better than ± 2°C
Display 4.3” True colour TFT display with touch screen/td>
Temperature Read out °C
Heating time (mins) 50 mins (Amb. To 1200 °C)
Cooling time (mins) 120 mins (1200 to 100 °C)
Time to stabilize (mins) 30 minutes
Well Dimension 39 x 150 mm
Standard well holes in mm 5.2, 6.2, 6.2, 10.1 & 12.1
Dimension (L*W*H)in mm (Approx.) 285 x 155 x 330
Weight 18 kg(without well insert)(Approx.)
Power supply 230V AC ± 10% / 50Hz (Optional 110V AC)
Power Consumption 1900 VA
Overall Dimension in mm 340 x 175 x 425 (L x B x H)(Approx.)

Standard Delivery

  • Basic Instrument
  • Standard well insert
  • Spare fuses
  • Instruction manual
  • Mains card
  • Well tool
  • Traceable calibration certificate


  • Carrying Case
  • Additional well insert
  • Master Indicator with sensor
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