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Ph Sensor Manufacturers in Chennai

Sansel Instruments, one among the leading Ph Sensor Manufacturers in chennai. A pH sensor meter is a scientific instrument that measures the hydrogen-ion activity in water-based solutions. A pH electrode is connected to the pH controller to connect the temperature probe for automatic temperature compensation. pH sensor includes measuring electrode, temperature sensor, or transmitter. The pH sensor controller finds its application to control the fresh and wastewater neutralization. A pH measurement is made up of three components which include the electrode measurement and is essentially a battery that provides the positive terminal electrode and the negative electrode. A pH sensor is both the critical measurement and control parameters for many liquid processes. The pH sensor requires high accuracy and reliability from the probes. Our sansel instrument manufacture is one of the manufacturers of sensor products to have multiple pH membrane options in the specific applications. The pH meter measures the voltage and potential difference of the solution which is dipped and gives the concentration between the voltage and potential.

pH sensors are designed for potentiometric analysis to measure the pH of various substances and to value the influences. Our sansel products of pH meter sensors offer a wide range of meters which include the most advanced technology of microprocessor-based pH meter. Our pH sensor deals te excellent quality and choice for high-end measurements. The portable pH sensor offers maximum stability and quick results in the industry field. Our pH sensor has a wide gauge of range in the pH meter to suit the requirements. The pH sensor instrument is designed to provide the precise concentration of ion that uses the latest technology and advanced techniques to give the enhanced accuracy and reproductivity. This system has user-friendly prompts that guide the process of measurement.

This instrument is extremely used for many processes such as soil analysis, fertilizer plants, water purification plants, etc. The pH meter sensor instrument of sansel is a robust design and having the optimum quality. This pH sensor is easy to operate and use. Since this sensor is useful for long service life with good application and smart technology. The pH sensor instruments developed cost-effective based on the outstanding spinning gauge technology. The sensor is simple and a stainless-steel tube to measure the electrodes in demand with long-term stability. The pH sensor instrument is a highly accurate and reproducibility sensor tube in the industry. It is often used in universities, hospitals, pharma companies, research institutes, and laboratories to detect the acidity of the solution.

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